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Recipe: Tasty "Eggroll in a bowl"

"Eggroll in a bowl". Easy eggroll in a bowl with yumyum sauce. If you enjoy eggrolls you should love this! Great for dieters or make up a big batch and freeze some for later.

"Eggroll in a bowl" It's really hard to completely stick to any diet when I have this blog to run, haha! Egg roll in a bowl is an easy, popular low carb meal. Also called low carb crack slaw, it's a staple for many people on THM, low carb, and keto diet plans because You really can make your pork egg roll in a bowl quickly, with a minimum of fuss or mess, and enjoy the Chinese flavors you've been craving. "Eggroll in a bowl" highly diverse and have mind taste that unique. Few kinds of "Eggroll in a bowl" recipes are also sufficient simple to process and do not take long. Although not everybody likes "Eggroll in a bowl" food, now several people are got attached and like the sundry "Eggroll in a bowl" foods on hand. This can be seen from the number of restaurants that prepare "Eggroll in a bowl" as one of the dish. You can cook "Eggroll in a bowl" using 10 ingredients and 1 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of "Eggroll in a bowl"

  1. You need of ground beef or pork.
  2. You need of 12-14oz bag coleslaw mix.
  3. You need of light sodium soy sauce.
  4. It's of Drizzle of sesame oil.
  5. You need of eggs.
  6. Prepare of minced garlic.
  7. You need of Sriracha to taste.
  8. It's of Green onion (garnish).
  9. Prepare of Optional: ginger & sesame seeds.
  10. It's of Black pepper to taste.

This vibrant Egg Roll in a Bowl recipe is packed with all the flavors you love in traditional egg rolls, but is deconstructed and served in a bowl for a healthy and delicious alternative. This Healthy Eggroll in a Bowl is already a clean-eating recipe, but it's more than just that--it's easily adaptable for special diets. This Eggroll in a Bowl has been my savior this past week since I've literally eaten it every single day for breakfast. It's like indulging in all the delicious This is an extremely versatile recipe and you can eat it not just for breakfast, but for lunch or dinner as well.

"Eggroll in a bowl" instructions

  1. In a large skillet, brown the pork or beef until no longer pink. Drain the meat. Add the garlic and sautee for 30 seconds. Add the coleslaw, soy sauce, (ginger), black pepper and sautee until desired tenderness. You can add a little water if you need more liquid to sautee the coleslaw down. Crack the eggs in a separate pan & scramble. Cook until desired. Add to pan. Stir in sriracha. Drizzle with sesame oil and sprinkle with green onions. Add additional soy sauce if necessary..

Wrap it in lettuce leaves to make a low-carb. Vegan Eggroll in a bowl is a quick weeknight dinner recipe! Egg Roll in a Bowl is healthy and tasty twist to traditional Chinese eggrolls. These Keto Vegan Eggroll Bowls are full of wonderful flavors minus the fried, greasy and empty. Eggroll in a bowl is one of my favorite meals to have around.

Obtain ingredients for making "Eggroll in a bowl" recipes is also not difficult. You can easily get the main ingredients at the nearest supermarket and indeed on the market. There are many kinds of "Eggroll in a bowl" that are easy and quick to process into delicious dishes. You can constantly practice this "Eggroll in a bowl" recipe at home, and can serve it to your children and extended family. If you wish to cook different foods on our website, we supply sundry types of food recipes which are of certainly very delicious and enjoyable to enjoy, please try their.



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