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Easiest Way to Prepare Appetizing Caramel Apple n Pecan Trifle

Caramel Apple n Pecan Trifle.

Caramel Apple n Pecan Trifle Caramel Apple n Pecan Trifle most diverse and own ideal sense that unique. Several kinds of Caramel Apple n Pecan Trifle recipes are also enough simple to process and dont pick up lengthy. Although not everybody likes Caramel Apple n Pecan Trifle food, nowadays few people are get attached and like the various Caramel Apple n Pecan Trifle foods available. This can be visible from the number of restaurants that provide Caramel Apple n Pecan Trifle as one of the dish. You can have Caramel Apple n Pecan Trifle using 16 ingredients and 15 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Caramel Apple n Pecan Trifle

  1. It's of vanilla cake loaf.
  2. It's of milk.
  3. It's of coffee powder.
  4. Prepare of apples.
  5. Prepare of pecan nuts , roughly chopped.
  6. It's of brown sugar.
  7. Prepare of butter.
  8. Prepare of cinnamon , finely ground.
  9. You need of all-spice , finely ground.
  10. It's of cream cheese.
  11. Prepare of caramel sauce.
  12. It's of cinnamon , finely ground.
  13. You need of all-spice , finely ground.
  14. You need of cardamom , finely ground.
  15. You need of whipping cream.
  16. You need of castor sugar.

Caramel Apple n Pecan Trifle instructions

  1. Combine the cold milk and coffee powder in a small bowl and set aside..
  2. Cut the vanilla pound cake loaves into bite size cubes and set aside..
  3. In a medium skillet, melt the butter and add the apples and pecan bits. cook for a minute stirring constantly, then add the brown sugar, cinnamon and all-spice..
  4. Stir over a medium flame till the sugar is melted and coats all the ingredients. then, reduce the heat to simmer and cook covered for about 5 minutes..
  5. Once cooked through, remove from heat and set aside. let it cool completely..
  6. In a large mixing bowl, combine the cream cheese, caramel sauce, cinnamon, all-spice and cardamom. make sure the ingredients are evenly mixed. the consistency should be spreadable, but not overly loose. adjust the amount of caramel sauce you use accordingly..
  7. In another large mixing bowl, whip the cream with an electric mixer, and add the castor sugar one tablespoon at a time, in intervals. whip till firm..
  8. Fold the whipped cream into the cheese n caramel mixture. set aside..
  9. In a large trifle bowl (use a regular glass bowl if you don't have a trifle bowl, pyrex bowls are great) arrange a third of the cake cubes in the base..
  10. Drizzle a third of the coffee over the cake cubes, making sure all the pieces are well coated. the coffee should soak into the cake..
  11. Spread a third of the apple n pecan mixture over the cake layer..
  12. Spread a third of the cream cheese mixture over the apples..
  13. Repeat the layers two more times, till all the ingredients are used up..
  14. Garnish with caramel sauce and cinnamon OR pipe some extra whipped cream over the top and drizzle with caramel sauce..
  15. Refrigerate for at least 6 hours before serving. can be prepared a day in advance and stored in the fridge covered in cling-wrap. bon appetit!.

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