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How to Make Tasty Broccoli and Chana dal kababs

Broccoli and Chana dal kababs. Make a quick, simple and healthy vegan Lunch menu. Having a plant based food gives the utmost nutrients that you body require to function properly. Chana veg kabab is a vegetarian kabab delicacy with boiled and mashed chana dal.

Broccoli and Chana dal kababs Chana Dal or chana dal fry recipe is a delicious recipe of spiced dal curry that I make often with chana dal (split chickpea or bengal gram). A low fat, gluten-free (don't add asafoetida) and vegan dish. Chana dal is high in fiber, a rich source of protein and also a good option for people who are on a low carb or. Broccoli and Chana dal kababs very diverse and have ideal sense that unique. Few types of Broccoli and Chana dal kababs recipes are also sufficient simple to process and dont pick up lengthy. Although not everyone likes Broccoli and Chana dal kababs food, now few people are got attached and like the sundry Broccoli and Chana dal kababs foods on hand. This can be visible of the number of restaurants that provide Broccoli and Chana dal kababs as one of the dish. You can have Broccoli and Chana dal kababs using 15 ingredients and 11 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Broccoli and Chana dal kababs

  1. You need 2 cups of broccoli, coarsely grated.
  2. Prepare 1/2 cup of chana dal.
  3. It's 1 cup of fresh spinach, loosely packed.
  4. You need 1/4 cup of fresh coriander leaves.
  5. You need 1/4 cup of fresh mint, roughly chopped.
  6. It's 2 tbsp of rice flour.
  7. It's 1 of green chilli.
  8. Prepare 1 of ” piece ginger.
  9. It's 1/2 tsp of garam masala.
  10. You need 2 cloves of garlic, roughly chopped.
  11. You need 2 tbsp of vegetable oil.
  12. It's to taste of salt.
  13. You need 1 cup of bread crumbs.
  14. You need A few of skewers (soak in the cold water for an hour).
  15. Prepare of Chaat masla, sliced onions and lemon for garnish.

Home » FoodFood » Sanjeev Kapoor Kitchen » Dal Kabab. How to make Dal Kabab -. Chana dal ground, mixed with caraway seeds and other masalas and deep fried as small kababs. On a daily basis, I prepare north Indian curries with various vegetables to pair with my phulkas or bhakris.

Broccoli and Chana dal kababs instructions

  1. Rinse and soak the chana dal for about an hour in water. Boil in a pressure cooker or a pan adding salt to the water. Dal shouldn’t be mushy but should be done..
  2. Steam the chopped broccoli without added water in a microwave-safe bowl for 3 minutes. Keep aside..
  3. Take a food processor Grate broccoli in it. Add cleaned n washed spinach leaves. Give it a pulse so that it get chopped..
  4. Add boiled chana daal and ginger and green chili paste to it.
  5. Add a few chopped mint and coriander leaves too. Give a pulse again Add garam masala and salt etc to the mixture so that everything gets incorporated well.
  6. Transfer the mixture to a bowl and add the the flours. Mix well and add some salt if needed. The whole thing will come together like a very stiff dough..
  7. Lightly grease your hands and take little portion. Holding the skewer in one hand, pierce it through the cylinder. Then slowly start pressing and spreading it onto the skewer..
  8. Keep aside on plate and roll them in the bread crumbs. Heat up a pan, add oil. Put the kebabs and start cooking them on medium heat..
  9. Keep rotating them after a couple of minutes so that they are evenly brown. Sprinkle with chaat masala and sliced onions..
  10. Garnish with chopped Coriander leaves and squeeze some lemon Serve with any chutney of your liking.
  11. I served it with beet dip to bring some bright color to my platter Hope you all will like it πŸ˜€πŸ˜€.

I find it boring to eat the same combination of vegetables in the curries and hence end up trying it with new combinations or flavors. I have successfully adapted broccoli into my Indian cooking and. Flatten to shape like a disk. Brush a baking sheet with oil. Pour some oil around all the kababs.

Obtain ingredients for production Broccoli and Chana dal kababs recipes is also not tough. You can easily get the main ingredients at the nearest supermarket and indeed on the market. There are many types of Broccoli and Chana dal kababs that are easy and quick to process into delicious dish. You can constantly practice this Broccoli and Chana dal kababs recipe at home, and can serve it to your children and extended family. If you wish to cook other foods on our website, we prepare various types of food recipes which are of certainly very delicious and enjoyable to enjoy, please try they.



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